"Myth is not about what happened in past times; myth is about what happens to people all of the time."

- Michael Meade

Epic Greek Myths

Explore the epic stories and myths of Greek mythology. Why are we so interested in Greek myth? What fascinates us about these stories?

Myths Around the World

Explore the myths of other cultures and religions around the world. Which origin story is the most whimsical?

Myths in Pop Culture

So many popular stories are inspired or borrowed from myths. Why do these myths stand the test of time?

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History of… Mana

As someone who has enjoyed playing games for most of my life, I accepted the term mana as a fictitious fuel needed to cast various spells. So much so that whenever I see the common abbreviation for this fuel in several games as “MP” I automatically think “mana points” and not “magic points.” I only realized recently that this was…

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